Gallery Recording Studio

A professional recording, mixing, editing and production studio located in Ottawa. Owned and operated by producer/musician/engineer, Dean Watson.

About Dean

Dean Watson has been involved in Ottawa’s music community since the early 1990s, he began producing professionally in 2002. In 2004, upon returning from a three month tour of Australia, Dean turned his focus to producing and engineering exclusively. In 2005, he founded The Gallery Recording Studio with former business partners Arturo Brisindi and Mike White in Ottawa’s Glebe community. Since its inception, The Gallery Recording Studio has earned a solid reputation in Ottawa working on records of most genres. As a multi-instrumentalist, Watson supports many of the artists with whom he works.

About the Gallery

The Gallery Recording studio features an abundance of high quality gear and numerous rooms for all styles of recording sessions (from quiet and intimate sounds to loud and in your face bands - we accept all kinds). Located in downtown Ottawa, the space is perfect for multi-take or live-off-the-floor tracking, including live performances with an audience. The studio is smartly equipped for quick integration of laptops and mobile setups, ideal for freelance engineers.  

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